Saturday, June 2, 2007


They don't care -
that 45 million have NO Health care.

About Women
when Condom Education might help end AIDS
That - Eighty percent of the women worldwide who are living with HIV contracted the virus from their husband or primary partner.

Bush's abstinence-until-marriage program is a WASTE OF MONEY AND NOT WORKING.

They would rather TALK about Helping people with AID,

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Michael, The Sin City Conservative said...

It's easy to type information on a blog. It's a lot harder to get facts correct.

"Mean" is a subjective word, so its hard to argue one way or another. However, I'd be willing to guess that in terms of percentage of income, I, a conservative here in Sin City, donated more money to charities than you did. If caring for the poor and needy, I would guess you are "meaner" than I am.

* Of course Conservatives care that 45 million American's have no health insurance, which is a different argument than that they have no health care. Every person in the United States has access to emergency medical care. The US Goverment already covers insurnace for about 25% of citizens ( To say that 45-million have no health care is a complete mis-statement.

* Condom education has not shown any decrease in HIV/AIDs infections anywhere tried in the world.

* You can say something is a complete waste of money, but I beleive many liberal programs are a waste of money also. I happen to agree that we should be teaching abstinence until marriage. Therefore, I do not believe it is a waste of money. I also believe that it is working. For example, teen pregrancy is down and that 67 percent to 100 percent of the drop in birth and pregnancy rates
was due to abstinence by unmarried
teens, not increased use of
contraceptives by these teens. ( Also, condoms do not stop the spread of HPV, which kills more woman every year that HIV/AIDs do. (

* GW Bush's Whitehouse has increased HIV/AIDS funding to Sub-Sahara Africa 70% over the Clinton White House. (